A Better Community for All

A Better Community for All Pakistan (ABC4ALL) is a non-governmental, non-profitable and non-political organization established since 2008 and Cooperation Circle of United Relgions Initiative uri.org worldwide working in 101 Countries with more than 1000 CCs mandatory to work for the social and human development of the people, particularly, women, orphan and street children and religious minorities who also happened to be the oppressed segment of the society. To materialize its effect, ABC4ALL involves itself mainly in imparting education within marginalized and oppressed communities, awareness raising and advocacy, lobbying the authorities on the rights of the people, specially Human Rights, Justice and Peace, Inter-religious Harmony, gender equity etc.

Our Recent Activities

Our Causes

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Interfaith Dialogue for peace
and harmony


Formal Education and skill development for Women


Human Rights, Religious Tolerance, and Equal Rights.


United Sunday School Ministry.


Our Activities

A Better Community For All Activities

Standing Together, Better World

Every act is a stepping stone towards a better world.

We gather voluntary contributions to help schools, churches,
and other non-profit organizations.

Our Journey

Whole Journey of ABC for All thorough Timeline

Sept 2007
2007 - Attended UN Meeting

On 4th September 2007 I was privileged to attend UN meeting at United Nations-New York. The meetings conference were very memorable.

2013 - Interfaith Hindu Festival Celebration

Interfaith Hindu Festival Celebration at Balmeak Mander, Anarkali Lahore.2013 Yuel Bhatti introducing URI Pakistan Vision/Mission and Book of Fr.James Channan OP Mohbat Ka Rasta with Interfaith Leaders

2014 - Awards and Gold Medals

Yuel Bhatti received Awards from different like-minded Peace Promoting Organizations and Gold Medal from the Commissioner Lahore 2007 to 2016 and URI Pakistan

Aug 2017
2nd Human Rights Nelson Mandela Awards

In honor of Yuel Bhatti’s achievements and in recognition of his longtime service in the fields of Human Rights, Peace, and Harmony, and in recognition of his longtime service in providing education for all, especially the underprivileged, he has been awarded at the Human Rights Nelson Mandela Awards 2017.

Our Recent Activities