About ABC For All

A Better Community For All Pakistan & Canada.

A Better Community for All Pakistan (ABC4ALL) is a non-governmental, non-profitable and non-political organization established since 2008 and Cooperation Circle of United Relgions Initiative uri.org worldwide working in 101 Countries with more than 1000 CCs mandatory to work for the social and human development of the people, particularly, women, orphan and street children and religious minorities who also happened to be the oppressed segment of the society. To materialize its effect, ABC4ALL involves itself mainly in imparting education within marginalized and oppressed communities, awareness raising and advocacy, lobbying the authorities on the rights of the people, specially Human Rights, Justice and Peace, Inter-religious Harmony, gender equity etc. To cut down the religious Tolerance where and religious violence occurred we stood with them and raise voice to respect every religion. opportunity and non-discrimination on the bases of class, creed, sex, age or religion.

History & Introduction.

History of ABC For All.

A Better Community for All Pakistan (ABC4ALL) is the Cooperation Circle of United Religions Initiative. URI is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world and status with UN- ECOSOC and consultative status with …
The United Religions Initiative is an International organization working in 101 countries, affiliated. A Better Community For All Pakistan is part of ABC4ALL, it was introduced in May 2008.


Vision & Purpose

A Better Community For All Pakistan & Canada.

Our dream is to create a better environment for a culture of peace and reconciliation in order to see a better community for ALL. Explore the voice for Human Rights & Religious Tolerance. Our purpose is to seek hope, peace, and harmony in the world. To promote interfaith dialogue for peace & reconciliation. 

  • To struggle and raise voicefor the Minorites equel right for all citizen of Pakistan as in the Concituation of Pakistan as per Quiad Muhamman Ali Jinnah
  • To create sustainability and development for suffering communities.
  • To work towards ending human rights violations.
  • To promote youth and women empowerment.
  • To work towards maximizing charitable contributions locally and globally. To work towards confronting climate/environmental issues, thereby promoting a healthy, sustainable planet.
  • To save children from oppression and protect their rights to education and health.
  • To crate envirment to respect all relgions faith and traidition
  • To increase awareness of health concerns, including HIV/AIDS.
  • To work towards elimination of poverty.

Development & Capacity Building.

A Better Community For All.

ABC4ALL believes that besides awareness raising, meaningful participation of the relevant stakeholders and right-based advocacy campaigns; strengthening of the social groups, communities, organizations and institutions through their capacity building is a pre-requisite to make qualitative changes in the social fabric of the country.


Based on the findings of the research studies, ABC4ALL contributes to public advocacy debates on peace, women empowerment, local governance and social equity through reports, dialogues, public events and publications. To inform local communities and decision-makers, ABC4ALL works with local mainstream media, Cable TV Media and civil society networks to make research findings more accessible.


ABC4ALL works in mutual collaboration with different networks of like minded organizations, institutions, academics and donor agencies to achieve its social and organizational endeavors. The following is an overview of ABC4ALL’s network organizations

Future Planning.

The ABC4ALL School plans to add classrooms to enroll additional children in the coming year, and is seeking funding and partners for other services to help alleviate poverty in the community, such as youth computer training, vocational training for women adult literacy center, environmental awareness programs and women & children’s health care center.