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It’s my great pleasure to share the event report on the World Peace day 2005. The Tehreek-E-Insantiate (TTI) –CC, Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) and Eric John Welfare society (EJWS) organized this great event at Press Club, Lahore on 21.9.2005 AT 5:00 P.M.

In the event number of Interfaith Community participated. Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Bahai Community. Interfaith Children (of Peace and Development Foundation) Women and men, different heads of Organizations participated in the Seminar.

The Theme of the Seminar was: Peace Building and Harmony.

The Master of Ceremony were Mr. Younis Khan, General sectary of TTI-CC and Mr. Perwaz Yousaf, General Secretary of EJWS compared the event in well manner   The programmed was started at 5:00 p.m. With interfaith prayers and sung the National Anthem to gather. And there after one minute silence for World Peace. The Interfaith Prayers were offered

Mr. Eric John, welcome the Guest and Children presented the Roses to the distinguished Guest

Fr. Nasir Gulfam presided over the event, while the Chief Guest was. Major Irfan Gill, Deputy Secretary Department of Aquf Government of Punjab-Pakistan 

Mr. Yuel Bhatti, the Coordinator of TTI-CC and Peace Pal Coordinator of WPPS.  Present the Paper in details referring the UN declaration-Resolution adopted by the General Assembly-Fifty fifth session Agenda item33 of the International Day of Peace, He explained about the United Religions Initiative (URI) Mission and Purpose and the World Peace Prayer society (WPPS) Prayer: – ”May Peace Prevail on Earth”. He also mentioned that the URI is working with UNO as affiliated Organization to promoting the cultural and religion for Peace-Interfaith relation toward sharing and explained the Activities of URI in the Pakistan, dedication of Fr. James Channan, Regional Coordinator and Director of MCC in Pakistan, towards Promoting the Peace and mentioned several event report of MCC, Tehreek Taraque–E-Insaniate (TTI-CC) and Peace and Development Foundation’s Mission to spreading the Peace among Interfaith Children and also the contribution of Eric John Welfare Society in the activities of welfare and Peace

He also presents Great Tribute to the president of Pakistan. General Perwaz Mushraf who is Promoting Religion for Peace and refer his Historical Speech in the recent session of UNO wherein he stressed the need of Interfaith collaboration towards world Peace as he talked about the mankind, human rights and Religion for Peace

Mr. Munwar Chand, Prominent Hindu Leader, while addressing the audience said that all religions are teaching about the Peace and Harmony. We are all God’s mankind and should respect every mankind. God is one. He refer some quotation from the Holy Book of Hindu

Fr. Abid Habib, Peace activist. Appreciated all the effort of the Organizers for holding such a wonderful event for solidarity with whole world to celebrate the World Peace Day. He urges the interfaith clergy to be closer for interfaith dialogue and said that Christianity is the religion for peace and love. Our Jesus Christ is the Prince of Peace. In Pakistan we have full liberty of Worship. But there are few elements of Fundamentalist but we should not hesitate to promote peace and Harmony.

Dr.Ruyihia Muddfi. Consultant Gynecologist. Representative from Bahai Community. Said that I am great full Mr.Yuel Bhatti , Mr. Eric John  Younis Khan and Mr. Perwaz Yousaf who have Organize. She quoted many occasion where the Bahai community organized such program wherein they teach the community for Peace building, which is utmost need of the decade. She said that the URI-Pakistan is doing tremendous role for interfaith program to see the difference. I am much inspired that Mr. Bhatti have involved all life of community especially children and women.

Rev. Hanook Haq, Moderator of Lahore Presbyterian:  He quoted some reference from the Holy Bible and Holy Quran for Peace, harmony, tolerance, and acceptance and respects each other. He told that I am much inspired with great work of URI.

Mr. Wajhat , Muslim Young Businessman:  Said that it is honor  for me that I am speaking among the high-class gentry wherein all interfaith Leaders, Children and women are present. We are all mankind must respect all humanity without discrimination. There is great need of world Peace. We should all play the role for Peace building & Harmony. Jihad is must be for Peace and development only.

Mr. Zaffer Sindhu, Councilor – local body. Appreciated the effort of Mr. Bhatti to hold such a wonderful program to celebrate the World Peace day in the central place wherein the full media is here for coverage and we promote the cultural peace in the grass root level. Where is actual need? The TTI-CC always holds such program in the grass root level.

Dr.Kanwal Feroze, Pioneer member of URI in Pakistan: prominent, Poet and Journalist. Said that URI in Pakistan is doing marvelous job towards promoting Cultural/Religions for Peace. There is great need of Interfaith dialogue for world Peace. The World Peace is not possible until and unless the dispute of Kashmir, Iraq and Palestine is not solved. The UN must see the situation when daily hundred people are killed. How so it is fare that WARS ARE SOLUTION OF PEACE. Bombs are blasted and humanity is killing for hating and not accepts each other. So there is great need of Justice. He much appreciated the work of TTI-CC and Peace and Development Foundation


The Children of Peace and Development Foundation (PDF) Sung song of Peace beautifully while holding the play cards of Peace & harmony with lightening the candles Miss Previswa led the event.. They prepared the Peace tags and hand made Banner in the supervision of Mrs. Elishba Bhatti

Lightening the Peace Candle:

Master Chand small boy lightened the candle and he lighted the other candle while Mrs. Younis Khan, Mrs. Bhatti and Dr.Ruyihia Muddfi helps the audience for lightening the candles. During the event. PDF children again sung Peace Songs.


The symbolic Peace Pole Ceremony was held. Mr. Yuel Bhatti explains about the peace pole history. And dedication of Peace Pole at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore and Pastoral Institute Multan and in different Schools. The Balloons were flown. And special prayers were offered:                        



Major Irfan Gill. (Chief Guest) Deputy Secretary of Aquf Department–Government of Punjab Pakistan Said that this great event is milestone event on the World Peace Day 2005 in the Capital of Punjab-Pakistan. I warmly congratulate the Organizers of Seminars wherein all Interfaith Peace builder of all mankind have participated. I have attended many program of URI and appreciated the effort of Fr. James and Mr. Yuel Bhatti and his team for spreading the Peace. I will counter to the Government the great job done by the URI in Pakistan. It is reality that there is utmost need of World Peace. We all must get to gather for this noble cause. Our President is doing the wonderful work for collaboration of world Peace. His recent address in the UN is historical and appreciated worldwide. There is great need of promoting global peace, respect for humanity, equality, religious freedom of all and rights of women and minorities

Fr. Nasir Gulfam, (President of the Ceremony) Concluded the Ceremony. He remarks. It is really my pleasure to preside over the seminar, all speakers. Spoke in all well manner and gave their views on the world peace. He much appreciated the efforts of URI-Pakistan and World Peace Prayer Society for their noble work. He said lets all stand together for praying for world peace. Peace begins from our inner heart when we throw hate accept each other. We strongly condemned terrorism. The terrors have no religion The President of Pakistan is doing tremendous role against the terrorism. We should all to gather Prayer for World Peace.

Closing Ceremony:

The seminar was ended with Prayers Led by Maulana Khabir Azad, Khateeb Badshahi Masque, Lahore. Prayer for the solidarity of Pakistan, world Peace, Peace in Iraq, Kashmir, Philistine and all over the world. The high teak tea /refreshment was served. 250 participated in the seminar. The program Photos are being sent on 22nd September full coverage in all print media of the seminar. Thanks,

Yuel Bhatti Coordinator- Tehreek Taraqe-E-Insaniate (TTI-URI-CC) Peace Pal Coordinator (WPPS) Peace and Development Foundation Lahore-Pakistan  

Pastor Ajmal Chaughtai, Faisalabad

I would like to tell you that 21 Sep, 2005 that we opened our Pakistan Christian Life Ministries Church Worship Hall for prayer for the whole day. At evening time that we had a wonderful worship and we had a wonderful candles rally and lovely peace songs and children’s dance that day for Praise the Jesus Christ!

Please pray for our work for peace in the third big City Faisalabad of Pakistan.

May Peace Prevail On Earth!
May Peace Prevail In Lovely Pakistan.
Yours Bro In Jesus Christ!
Pastor.Ajmal Chaughtai,
Chairman Pakistan Christian Life Ministries,
Member Govt, District Peace Committee, Faisalabad

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